Car Warranty Regret - Don't Be Like Peter

By: Motor Easy
Car warranty repair broken down car

If only Peter had bought Car Warranty protection with MotorEasy yesterday. He was online getting an extended car warranty quote and it only took a couple of minutes but, he decided to leave it for now. Now he’s faced with a huge car repair bill after his engine overheated and can’t be fixed. Fortunately, he can still call MotorEasy on 0800 131 0001 and our experts will help him get the repairs organised and negotiate the best prices with the garage on his behalf, but Peter will have to foot the bill himself.

If only he’d gone ahead with a MotorEasy car warranty, where sudden and unexpected failures are covered from day-one. Even if the failure had been down to ‘wear and tear’, MotorEasy’s unique free health check would have resulted in immediate cover and Peter would have saved the best part of his bill.


Of course, it’s hard to know when lightning will strike but why run the risk by delaying? When you realise how many people take out protection to cover their boiler if it fails, it’s simply amazing that so few do the same to cover their cars, where the likelihood of failure must be far greater.  Probably, most people don’t realise that you can buy an extended warranty for a car they already own at any time. The only restrictions revolve around age and mileage but MotorEasy happily covers cars up to 12 years old or up to 120,000, surely enough to cover the vast majority of the cars on our roads.

Poor ‘Pushing Peter’ could have also checked out MotorEasy’s breakdown recovery. There he’d have found a number of alternative providers offering outstanding cover at low prices. And he’d have been picked-up and taken to his garage! Maybe a warranty and recovery would have made him ‘Smart Peter' instead. 

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