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Volkswagen Warranty Quote

VW is famous for its upfront business ideology; they’ve even built an entirely transparent factory to emphasise their commitment to honesty and integrity. Here staff use brand-specific acronyms that fully highlight the company’s ethos – NBC (Nothing but Customers), SKIT (Simply Keep in Touch), and APT (A Personal Touch) to name a few. This is exactly the kind of attitude that MotorEasy itself strives to uphold.

With our Volkswagen warranty, you can look forward to excellent benefits and unstinting support; this quality of cover is more than enough to maintain your car for the long haul, as well as giving you complete peace of mind. Find out why tens of thousands of UK motorists trust MotorEasy to protect their car, with a warranty on our easily accessible system.

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Why do I need a Volkswagen warranty?

Inevitably, there will come a time when your standard manufacturer warranty from Volkswagen expires; when that happens, you’ll be left unprotected in the event of an unexpected breakdown or vehicle failure. Offering sensible, flexible coverage options for you and your car, MotorEasy is only too happy to help. Repairs can often be expensive, and we promise to do our best to ease the burden, both emotionally and financially.

We’re also pleased to build upon the wide selection of manufacturer warranties offered by Volkswagen. Failures identified during MOT and servicing are covered under our full plans (Lite plans require the car to be recovered into a workshop), and wear and tear is included on every warranty following a complimentary health check. But the overriding feature of every MotorEasy warranty is flexibility; from one to three years (or even monthly if you want!), you can commit to your car for as short - or long-term for significant savings - as you like.

If you’re a motorist and need a new warranty for your VW, we guarantee you won't find a better combination of price and coverage than MotorEasy!


What do I get with MotorEasy?

If you want more time to enjoy life and save money on your car, MotorEasy can make it happen. The flexibility and benefits we offer make it ideal for a Volkswagen warranty that covers more than you’re used to.

Speedy, same-day extended warranty authorisation means you'll be back on the road quickly, and parts, labour and diagnostic costs are included to protect your wallet. Our expert team can handle repairs with the garage for you and can even arrange collection and return of your car for added convenience! And because we pay our network garages directly, you won't be out of pocket when we're helping with large repair costs.

Also, you can manage all your car’s care within our easy-to-use account area; submit and track car repairs online, at any time, from any device when you register with MotorEasy. Yes, we really do know how to look after members!


How do I take out a Volkswagen warranty?

To get a quote or add Volkswagen warranty protection today, simply enter your reg into our car warranty quote journey. You'll have a no obligation quote in less than 60 seconds!

Alternatively, you can call us on freephone 0800 131 0001. If you’re looking for some personal assistance with completing your car warranty query, you’ll get it at MotorEasy; you can book a callback for a convenient time or speak to us on a live chat depending on what you prefer – now that’s good honest customer service.


Recent Paid Repairs for Volkswagen Cars

As an influential brand, VW has a solid foundation that many other car manufacturers try to emulate. However, their vehicles can still have things go wrong with them, so it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected! The following are some recent examples we've seen of problems associated with Volkswagen models:

  • Golf: We recently had to recondition a gearbox in a Golf totalling £5,035.20! Despite the all-inclusive nature of the bill, it's a hefty sum for anyone, which is why a Volkswagen warranty with MotorEasy is so important when it comes to protecting your bank balance from unforeseen repairs.
  • Tiguan: Work on the crankshaft in one of these models meant a recent bill arriving at £1,689.04. Save yourself the hassle and the financial hit that comes with unexpected repair costs with a comprehensive Volkswagen warranty from MotorEasy.
  • Touran: One job we had involved replacing the TCM pump in a Touran, and that would've set the owner back £2,284.80 if they hadn't been covered by a VW warranty with us. Count on MotorEasy to provide all the coverage you could ever need and more.
  • Eos: Installing a new turbocharger on this vehicle came to £1,279.49, just one example of how suddenly you can find yourself dealing with repair costs to your car. Trust MotorEasy to deliver a Volkswagen warranty that gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Passat: The mechatronic unit on a Passat can cause significant problems in this car. We fixed one for £3,054.65, the most expensive repair we've done to date on this particular model. Fortunately, with the right coverage from MotorEasy, steep bills like this will soon be a thing of the past.

You’ll definitely find it handy having a Volkswagen warranty to keep you on track in case of any unexpected trouble. Whether you bought your car direct from the manufacturer or a certified used dealership, it’s all about good old-fashioned peace of mind with MotorEasy. What’s more, it’s just a few short steps to obtain the ideal warranty for you.